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Hello everyone…
Have you ever evaluated an international journal?
In this post, I will give my evaluation a journal that I have read. The journal is "The Implementation of Speaking Fluency in Communicative Language Teaching: An Observation of Adopting the 4/3/2 Activity in High Schools in China".
So, let's see!
1. BackgroundA. Author Information Affiliations
University of Southern Queensland, Australia Corresponding Author
Correspondence to Yingjie I.J. That

B. Audience The research in the article is associated with the EFL learners' speaking fluency and the context of communicative language teaching. Thus, an observation of adopting the 4/3/2 activity in the high schools in China.
2. PurposeA. The Author's Main Argument The author stated that CLT is highly recommended in many Asian countries. The author tried to find the achievement of the smoothness of speech for long periods of time and to prove the fluency of speaking is a skill trained in the context of CLT.
B. The Auth…

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